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$100/day* - There's no better treat than smooth, rich soft serve ice cream! This is the perfect crowd pleaser, and this machine is up for the task! It runs off standard 110v, and is the smallest and most portable commercial machine out there (still weighs over 200lbs)! This Taylor 152 machine is the best quality machine available!  See the "Supply Pricing" section for added items.  To run the machine, you will need a dedicated 20amp outlet.  If you plan to run it with a generator, you will need a generator with at least 6000watts of starting power (you can rent ours under the "Equipment" category).


*Holiday pricing and details

Soft Serve | $100/day

  • To make a reservation, call or text us for availability at 801-319-5524.  A $25 deposit is required to hold and reserve this item.  Once availability is confirmed, you may either give us a credit card over the phone, stop by our shop, or pay using our secure webform

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