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$3/gun/day* - This lasertag set is so much fun and SOOO easy to get up and running.  Power on the guns, select your team, and you're off and running!  During gameplay you can quickly switch to a pistol, shotgun, burst machine gun, or grenade launcher!  Each gun mode shoots, sounds, and damages differently.  Once you lose 9 lives, you're out!  At $3 per gun per day, you can't beat the price and it will be the easiest party you've ever planned.  Grab as many guns as you need!


*Holiday pricing and details

Laser Tag (Quick Play) | $3/gun/day

  • To make a reservation, use our online ordering site HERE.  You may also call us at 801-319-5524 and push option 2 to speak to one of our customer service agents (during business hours). 

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