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$50/day* - The next-big-thing in karaoke is here! Our WiFi karaoke machine is your gateway to an endless world of karaoke. Instantly connect to your WiFi network to access your favorite karaoke videos through the 7” HD touchscreen display. Or, music can also be streamed via Bluetooth, Line-in or USB. Two independent side speakers produce 200 watts of peak power audio. Need even more sound? The WiFi pedestal can output audio to any of our other external audio systems.  Instantly access over 55,000 licensed, high definition karaoke videos or connect right to Youtube to find your favorite karaoke video.  Video from the touchscreen can also be mirrored to a TV via an HDMI cable.


*Holiday pricing and details

Karaoke Machine | $50/day

  • To make a reservation, call or text us for availability at 801-319-5524.  A $25 deposit is required to hold and reserve this item.  Once availability is confirmed, you may either give us a credit card over the phone, stop by our shop, or pay using our secure webform

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