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$75/day* - Our foam machines are the hit of any party, and we rent them for WAYYY cheaper than anyone else.  We've found the secret is in the sauce, and we supply the best foam solution you can buy.  Our foam solution is $15, which fills 50 gallons and lasts about a 1/2hr of continuous use (this thing kicks out so much foam people usually turn it off and on as needed)!   The foam we supply is hypo-allergenic and safe for the environment.  You will need a garden hose, or rent ours for $5.


*Holiday pricing and details

Foam Machine | $75/day

  • To make a reservation, use our online ordering site HERE.  You may also call us at 801-319-5524 and push option 2 to speak to one of our customer service agents (during business hours). 

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