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We prefer to not post our availability online, but you can check our availability by calling or texting 801-319-5524.  You may also email us at or fill out the contact form on our "Contact Us" page.  We will also advise you on what the deposit amount is for the particular item you are reserving.


Even if you pay a deposit minutes after checking availability, there is always a chance that another customer's reservation processed through before yours.  We will always give the reservation to the first deposit received, but we have multiple customer service agents that take deposits and inquiries.  Plus, we have inquiries that come from our text line, website, email, outside referral websites, and over the phone.  So availability is never 100% guaranteed.  We will let you know right away if your item became unavailable, and your deposit will promptly be refunded.  Items are only held with a deposit, otherwise it is first come, first served.


After you click submit, make sure you verify that the transaction was successful.  You will get no other notification if the transaction declines or fails (nor will we!) and your items will not get reserved.  A receipt will be emailed to you (to the email provided below) if the transaction is successful.  We will also email and text you further instructions a few days before your reservation, so please make sure your contact information is accurate.


You can view our cancellation policy on our “Policies” page.

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