Bounce House FAQ

How Long Do I Get My Bounce House?

Our bounce house rentals are for a full day! Pickups are between 9:30am and noon (by appointment) the day of your rental, return is anytime before 9am the next business day (our business days are Monday to Saturday). We have an after-hours drop-off procedure you may use, and that will be explained to you in our reminder email and at pickup. If you rent a bounce house on a Saturday, you have until Monday morning at 9am to return your bounce house. Again, you may use our after-hours drop off procedure on Sunday, so our deadline of 9am is enforced sternly. You may also drop off during our regular business hours, BUT THE BOUNCE HOUSE MUST BE RETURNED BEFORE 9AM THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY! Additional details on our after-hours accomodations will be explained at pickup.

What Is Included With The Rental?

The published rate includes the bounce house, blower, stakes, and all the training/instruction you'll need!

How Do I Make A Reservation?

Call or text us for availability. Once you are ready to make a reservation, we require a $25 deposit to hold your reservation. That is not an extra $25, that $25 will get subtracted from the total you owe, and the balance will be due at pickup. We also require you read this page thoroughly and digitally sign your name below; acknowledging you have read, understood, and agreed to our policies.

What Age Of Kids & How Many?

Our bounce houses are generally for kids 10 and under. Older kids usually need much larger, heavier, and more expensive bounce houses to keep them entertained. We believe the bounce house rental industry has overlooked the 10 and younger crowd, and has failed to have bounce houses that accomodate this age group at a reasonable price! Most of our bouncers accomodate 8-10 kids at a time, and 500lbs at a time - so they are perfect for birthday parties, family gatherings, and much more!

All of our bounce houses with slides help circulate the kids in and out of the bounce house, so a party can easily have more kids than what the bouncer can hold at once!

What Vehicle Will I Need?

All of our bounce houses come in a large duffle bag, and can be carried by 1 or 2 people (Dolphin Dive and Raging Rainforest require 3-4 people). They can fit in pretty much any vehicle, as long as the car is not full of other items/passengers. Also keep in mind that if your reservation contains other items (i.e. a cotton candy machine) - you will need to plan for space accordingly.

How Do I Set It Up?

The setup of the bounce house is VERY simple! You will have it up and running in less than 5 minutes. We have a full instructional video that teaches you how to setup the bounce house, and we ask that you (and any others setting up the bounce house) have watched it before attempting to set it up. Please designate an area on grass or indoors, and you'll want to make sure you are close to power (and water if you reserve a wet bouncer) or rent a generator for an extra $25 per day.

How Do I Return It?

As stated above, the bounce house is due before 9am the business day following your reservation. There are steep fees for not having the bounce house back on time, because it will most likely mean that someone else will be waiting or without their bounce house (because of you) - which does not reflect well on our business.

The bounce house must be returned CLEAN AND DRY. It is very easy to dry a bounce house (the instructional video provides instructions and tips), and unless Plan-it Rentals is notified of any circumstances preventing you from drying/cleaning a bounce house, we will enforce fees for not doing so.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

You can view our cancellation policy here: Cancellation Policy

Do I Need A Generator?

You do not need a generator to operate our bounce houses. The blower for the bounce house plugs into a standard 110v outlet. You will want to make sure the outlet being used is not powering other devices/appliances - and that it isn't on a circuit that is also supplying power to other things.

You will only need a generator if the location you are planning to use does not have power. We rent our generators with our bounce houses for just $25/day.

How Does It Work Wet?

Not all of our bounce houses can be used wet, but they ALL work great dry! If you are using one of our designated wet bouncers with water, the water tubing on the bounce house connects to a standard water hose.

What Is My Exact Pickup Time Going To Be?

Your pickup time options will be given to you when you make your reservation. If you need a specific time, you'll want to reserve as far in advance as possible. Reservation times are given out on a first come, first serve basis. We don't have unlimited staff to help everybody all at once, so we must spread out our pickups out in order to effeciently help each customer. We know that the available pickup times won't work for everyone, but it also isn't fair to a customer that did reserve with more advance notice to have a longer wait time while we help someone who reserved after them. If you must have a specific pickup time that is not available, we leave a few slots open for customers who are willing to pay a $10 prioritization fee for their order. This allows us to staff accordingly and move your place up in line. We do not have unlimited prioritization slots, and this is not always a guaranteed option. While we understand not getting a pickup time you need for your event may be frustrating, we ask you to understand that everyone that has reserved from us also has an event important to them and we have assigned pickup times as fairly as possible. If you show up before or after your pickup time, you will encounter long wait times. We get our products inspected and cleaned according to our schedule for the day, so showing up early means your items are not ready to go out the door. If you are late to your appointment, we will help you as soon as we have helped the customers that have shown up on time.