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Bounce Houses

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Superstar Bounce House  Bounce House Rentals Utah  Bouncey House Rentals Utah  Bounce House Set Up Utah Bouncey House Set Up Utah
$50 weekend/holiday, $40 weekday - Superstar is huge, measuring 14x12x8! This is a great indoor or outdoor bouncer.
Big Ol Bouncer  Bounce House Rentals Pleasant Grove   Bounce House Transportation Utah Bounce Houses Utah
$60 weekend/holiday, $50 weekday - Perfect for indoor or outdoor play! It is huge, measuring 15x12x7! That gives you a bounce area of 11x11!
quantum bounce house
Busy Bee Bouncer  Bounce House Rental Company Inflatables Inflatable Rentals  Inflatable Rentals Utah Inflatable Bounce House
$65 weekend/holiday, $55 weekday - Busy kids need a bounce house that keeps up with their busy parties! This bounce house is perfect for your next event! 11'x13'x10'
princess bounce house rental
Princess Dreamland  Princess Castle Bounce House Bounce House Castles  Bounce House Castle Rentals Inflatable Castle Rentals
$40 weekend/holiday, $30 weekday - Our most cost conscious bouncer for that little sweatheart. Perfect for a small princess party! 11'x8.5'x8'. Works indoor or out.
princess bounce house rental
Jungle Jump Bouncer  Inflatable Bounce House Rentals Utah Inflatable Bounce Rentals Utah Inflatable Rentals Utah  Bouncey Castle Rentals Bounce Castle Rentals Utah
$70 weekend/holiday, $60 weekday - Our biggest bouncing house with a cute animal jungle theme! 13'x14.5'x11.5'
rock crawler bounce house
Rock Crawler Bouncer  Bounce House Rentals American Fork Bouncey House Rentals American Fork  Inflatable House Rentals Utah Inflatable House Rentals American Fork
$65 weekend/holiday, $55 weekday - What kid doesn't love a truck themed birthday? It features a large bounce area, ball pit, and wide slide! A boys favorite bounce house. 18'x11'x7'.
sidekick bounce house rental
Sidekick Bouncer  inflatable bouncer inflatable bouncer castle 
$65 weekend/holiday, $55 weekday - A ballpit, basketball hoop, bouncer, and small slide make this the perfect indoor/outdoor, all-year bounce house. Your kids will love it!
princess bounce house
Princess Palace  inflatable bouncer Utah inflatable bouncer castle Utah  
$75 weekend/holiday, $60 weekday - Perfect for that little princess! This bouncer works wet or dry, and measures 11x13x8 - so it even fits indoors!
misty bounce house
Misty Kingdom  kid bounce castle kid bounce house kid inflatable bounce house kid bounce castle Utah  
$85 weekend/holiday, $70 weekday - Use this bouncer wet or dry (all of our "wet option" bouncers work great dry!). It attaches to a regular garden hose and turns your backyard into the hit of the neighborhood! 13'x14'x8
shark bounce house
Shark Attack  water bounce house water slide bounce house waterslide bounce house Utah inflatable waterpark 
$85 weekend/holiday, $70 weekday - The perfect solution to a heat wave is this Shark Park inflatable water slide and bounce house. Kids will love sliding through the jaws of a ferocious-looking shark, jumping around in the bounce house, and playing in the splash pool. 19'x11'x8'
pirate bounce house
Pirate Bay  outdoor bounce house indoor bounce house outdoor bounce house Utah indoor bounce house Utah 
$70 weekday, $85 weekend/holiday - Get your rrrrr's on (along with your swimsuit) and jump aboard this wet and wild ship! 20'x12'x8'
rain forest bounce house
Rainforest Rapids  wet bounce house dry bounce house wet bounce house Utah  dry bounce house Utah 
$85 weekend/holiday, $70 weekday - The Rainforest Rapids can be used WET or DRY, for year-round partying. Add optional party balls, and the Tiki Lagoon becomes an adventure ball pit! The dual slides and large pool area make this a favorite for all jungle creatures! 16'x15'x7'
Caterpillar Cove Water Park
Caterpillar Cove  large bounce house large bounce house Utah bounce house packages  bounce house packages Utah 
$75 weekend/holiday, $60 weekday - The Caterpillar Cove water park is perfect for getting the wiggles out of your little worms! It works great both wet and dry, and entertains the kids for hours! 17'x9'x8'
Octopus Oasis Waterpark
Octopus Oasis  large bounce house large bounce house Utah bounce house packages  bounce house packages Utah 
$75 weekend/holiday, $60 weekday - This scary octopus will actually attract kids, and you'll have a hard time tearing them away from it's strong grip! Dual racing slides and a fun pool and climbing area round out a great summer party! 16'x10'x9.5'
rain forest bounce house
Safari Splash  large bounce house large bounce house Utah bounce house packages  bounce house packages Utah 
$85 weekend/holiday, $70 weekday - The Safari Splash is perfect for dry and wet use! This bounce house features a large bounce area and a fun, slippery slide! Add optional play balls to the bottom of the slide for a fun ball pit. Or, add the optional sprinkler above the slide and turn it into a fun waterpark with a small splash pool! 20'x9'x8'
Gator Isle  Gator Isle Bounce House Gator Isle Bounce House Utah Gator Isle Inflatable Bouncer Gator Isle Inflatable Bouncer Utah 
$85 weekend/holiday, $70 weekday - The Gator Isle is a swamp play paradise. Kids can slide down the gator's tail; or, if they are brave enough, they can tempt his snarling snout! 22'x14'x8'
Croc Ultra  inflatable water parks Utah inflatable water parks inflatable water park bouncer inflatable waterpark castle 
$95 weekend/holiday, $80 weekday - This 13-in-1 waterpark will keep the kids exploring for hours. The most daring explorers can even crawl right through the belly of the beast! 21'x21'x8.25'